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6 Douchey Things You Can Say When You Use Social The Right Way

If you're not on social, I don't know you.

Marc Climaco • 3 years ago

Which Dictator Would You Party With?

Because all the celebs are doing it these days.

pedropizano • 5 years ago

14 Leaders In Africa Standing For Equality

Despite deafening homophobia in Africa, voices for equality continue to pierce through.

Marc Climaco • 5 years ago
Marc Climaco • 5 years ago

29 Astounding Soviet Propaganda Images Promoting Racial Equality

Whoa. The Soviet Union got racial equality right before America?

Marc Climaco • 5 years ago

5 Amendments In The Senate Defense Bill That Could Prevent The Closing Of Guantanamo

The 2014 Senate defense budget bill could mean the end of Gitmo...unless any one of these 5 amendments are passed.

Marc Climaco • 5 years ago

Grammy Winner Esperanza Spalding Takes A Stand On Guantanamo

New music video calls for Congress to close Guantanamo.

Marc Climaco • 5 years ago

Rape As A Weapon Of War In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Over 15 years of war. Over 6 million killed. Over 500,000 women and girls have been raped. 2013 Nobel Laureate Nominee Dr. Denis Mukwege stood up for Congolese women, serving victims of rape and advocating for the end of the conflict.

Marc Climaco • 5 years ago

22 Moments That Will Ruin Your NYC Bike Ride

It happens to all of us. Add yours!

Marc Climaco • 5 years ago

The Olympic Flame's Journey Through 10 Antigay Regions In Russia

Before Putin signed Russia's infamous antigay law, 10 regional governments passed similar laws starting in 2006. Now, the Olympic flame is passing through these places.

Marc Climaco • 5 years ago

11 Torture Facts Dick Cheney Would Find Hilarious

Torture jokes were a big hit at Dick Cheney's roast earlier this week--even Cheney himself told a torture joke. Here are other torture facts Cheney and Co. can laugh about.

Marc Climaco • 5 years ago

12 Homophobic Quotes Calling Gay Americans Agents Of Stalin

Some claim that Putin's attack on LGBT rights is part of a systematic plan to stem Western liberalism in Russia — labeling gays as agents of the West. But oh the irony: American politicians and media used the same homophobic rhetoric during the McCarthy era, as revealed by artist Yevgeniy Fiks.

Marc Climaco • 5 years ago

10 Reasons Why Terrorist Anas Al-Liby Should Be Tried In Federal Courts, Not Military Commissions

The debate over military commissions is reignited by the capture of Al Qaeda operative Anas Al-Liby. But the facts are clear: Federal Courts are the best line of judicial defense against terrorism. Military commissions, not so much.

Marc Climaco • 5 years ago

10 Soviet-Era Gay Cruising Sites In Moscow You Should See On Your Way To The Sochi Olympics

Russia's repressed gay history is making it more difficult for Russian gays to fight homophobia legally and culturally. In his new book, Moscow, artist Yevgeniy Fiks reveals Soviet-era cruising sites of the bygone queer underground. So, if you find yourself in Moscow on a layover to Sochi, check out these famous public sites and think about their alternative (and subversive) queer history.

Marc Climaco • 5 years ago

8 American Olympians Who Stood Up against Russia’s Antigay Law

Human Rights First's report, Convenient Targets, outlines steps the Obama Administration should take to oppose Russia's antigay law. But some American Olympians, both current and former, aren't leaving it to their government to speak out.

Marc Climaco • 5 years ago