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Gay Soldier Comes Out to Pizza Man-LIVE

the original soldier, Randy Phillips who came out to his parents on YouTUbe loves the video- "This is the best thing I have ever seen...I hope you get a billion views"

Marc Felion 8 years ago

Extreme Beauty Secrets - Facials

How to get a beauty expert to give you an extreme dermabrasion and lip plumping for pennies! --- DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. THESE ARE PROFESSIONALS GIRLS.

Marc Felion 8 years ago

James Franco is the New Honey Badger, Cause He Don't Give a Shit.

One of the greatest moments from our podcast on the 2011 Oscars was when blogger Joe Fitrzyk described James Franco as the new honey badger, because he doesn't give a sh*t. Why did James Franco look so disinterested in the whole affair? Here's some insight from video blogger Randall's viral video. He could be talking about James Franco or the honey badger. Little does the honey badger know it's been stung. Meanwhile the poisonous venom is seeping through his body and he passes out. Look at that sleepy f*ck. Now the honey badger will pass out for a few minutes, and then it's going to get right back up and start eating all over again, cause it's a hungry little bastard. As if nothing happened.

Marc Felion 8 years ago

Cooking With Drag Queens: How to Make Tostones

Crushing! If you like crushing videos, why not crush plantains instead? Perfect for Thanksgiving, check out these wacky drag queens as we give you a little slice of Puerto Rican flavor- how to make fried green plantains, or tostones!

Marc Felion 9 years ago

Film Festival Poster Is Totally Two Girls One Cup

The poster art for Reeling, the Chicago based Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, seems to be inspired by the internet sensation “Two Girls, One Cup.” They are throwing up that popcorn aren’t they?

Marc Felion 9 years ago

Five Unintentionally Ridiculous Movie Sex Scenes

They’re embarrassing to watch in the cinema, and even more embarrassing to watch at home with your family. Here are five movie sex scenes that I believe are unintentionally ridiculous.

Marc Felion 9 years ago

Batman Is On The Bottom?

Now we know that Batman is on the bottom when it comes to fun and games with the boys. Or is he? Maybe "Batman vs. The Top" means they are both fighting to be on top. But on top of who? On top of each other or Robin? And what about that fist The Top is sporting? How far into this Batman willing to venture? Thanks to BASboy for the pic!

Marc Felion 9 years ago

Joan Sings "It's a Do-Da-Day-Day!" to Nippy

Joan sings "It's a Do-Da-Day-Day!" to her dog, Nippy who freaks out. In other videos, Joan sings with her blind mother and she also plays the accordion to her cows.

Marc Felion 9 years ago

Horny Goat

Is this goat doing what I think it's doing? Easter cards can be so very weird.

Marc Felion 9 years ago