Attention Luke Russert: 10 Awesome Old Folks Who Still Got It

NBC correspondent Luke Russert had the chutzpah to suggest that 72-year-old Nancy Pelosi, 73-year-old Steny Hoyer and 72-year-old James Clyburn are TOO DAMN OLD to lead the House Democrats. In defense of all things elderly, here are some geriatrics who take no prisoners.

1. Superhero Mamika Hoists Car, Saves Puppy

She’s 93. NBD.

2. Grams Gets Her “Om” On

Limber and lovin’ it, this yogini is too busy busting out headstands, crow, and peacock asanas to even contemplate the afterlife. Namaste, Nanna.

3. Hip to the Times

Feelin’ subversive with your enormous glasses, plaid flannel and obscurely sourced tunes? Hipster, you stole this old dude’s look! Extra kudos, too, for grandpa’s lunch-line boombox juggling, which gives millenial multi-tasking a run for its money.

4. Copping a Feel

With age comes sage wisdom: getting handsy in the kitchen makes dish duty a whole lot more fun.

5. PDA: Not Just For Teenagers

Life’s too short to pass up a good ol’ bench make-out session. These shameless lovebirds don’t give a damn about who’s watching when they want to get frisky.

6. At 100, why the hell not?

7. It Was Friggin’ Cold on the Mayflower

Nothing holds a candle to firsthand experience, and this lady ain’t shy about setting the record straight. You tell ‘em, girlfriend.

8. Grandmas Pop, Lock & Drop It

Dogs may be a lost cause, but these hip grandmothers are totally down for learning new tricks.

9. B-Boy Busts a Move

There’s nothing boyish about this old guy, aside from his mad breakdancing skills. Boo-ya, Luke Russert! Let’s see you do THIS in the White House briefing room. Pshaw.

10. Granny Was Here

Tagging may be illegal, but sometimes badassery warrants exemption from the law. A walker never looked so scandalous. Rebel elder, stake your claim.

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