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    A Celebration Of Cuddling

    January 6 is National Cuddle Up Day. What better way to celebrate than to get your snuggle on?

    We are all born to cuddle.

    The most natural of instincts.

    From sibling snuggles...

    To spooning piglets.

    The brodle...

    And the nose-to-nose.

    There's just something about holding someone close...

    ...that makes the world feel safer.

    And especially for these guys, a whole lot warmer.

    Because cuddle time is playtime.

    Nuzzle time.

    TV time.

    Laughing time.

    Gazing time.

    And of course, kissing time.

    And let's not forget about footsie, a sport unto itself.

    Sometimes, just Teddy is enough.

    But at other times, the more the merrier.

    So go forth and cuddle.

    Because this...


    by cliffardo2001

    is so much better than this.

    and definitely better than this.

    So Happy Cuddle Up Day everyone!

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