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    24 Thrift Shop Items You Should Never Buy

    Because all bargains are not created equal.

    1. Cups You Can't Actually Drink Out Of

    2. Things That Once Touched Raw Meat

    3. Duh

    4. Things Handled by Kinky Previous Owners

    5. This Deep Fryer That's Seen One Too Many Batches of Chicken

    6. Bathing Suits

    7. Mattresses

    8. Insulting Reminders

    9. Makeup

    10. Granny's Ice Tongs

    11. Pillows

    12. Adult Bearded Dragon Food

    13. This Open Bag of Adult Diapers

    14. Helmets

    15. Old Blenders

    16. This Dispenser of Half-Used Mystery Fluid

    17. Wigs

    18. Used Bedding

    19. Stuffed Animals

    20. Anything Ostensibly Edible

    21. Games with Missing Pieces

    22. Bowling Shoes

    23. Halogen Lamps

    24. Hemorrhoidal Suppositories