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    26 Reasons Why Leggings Are The Best

    They may not have zippers, pockets, or buttons, but they're arguably the best way to cover your backside.

    1. The obvious: they are the most comfortable pants ever.

    2. Everyone has days when "real" pants with buttons and zippers just seem like a terrible idea.

    3. They are so versatile! Case in point: the legging + sweater pairing

    A gazillion options, some of which aren't possible with "real pants."

    4. Leggings allow our limbs the freedom they deserve.

    5. This all-too-common jean situation rarely happens with leggings.

    6. Thanks to spandex, this also is a rare legging phenomenon.

    7. For those proud of their exceptional derrières, nothing flaunts this asset better.

    8. Leggings make wearing boots easy and bunch-free. Who wants to deal with this 6-step process?

    9. They have solid day-to-night potential.

    10. They can make the rough transition from the workday to working out less of a pain. All you have to do is swap the top.

    11. They make exercising outdoors so much more bearable in the winter.

    12. Plus, they don't rustle, chafe, ride up, move around, or get caught in things when you're in the throws of a no-nonsense workout.

    13. Leggings also solve the classic "shir-ress" conundrum: too long for a shirt, too short for a dress.

    14. They unequivocally make the most stylish loungewear.

    15. Aside from snow pants, cashmere and knit leggings are some of the warmest bottoms around.

    ...especially when they're fleece-lined!

    16. And when leggings don't suffice, they make an unbeatable companion to leg warmers and thick knee-highs.

    17. They can also be pretty badass.

    18. We rocked them young, and we can certainly rock them old.

    19. Leggings are ideal for the travails of air travel.

    20. Although some definitely take leggings too far, no one can argue against their potential as a creative canvas.

    21. And to those who object to leggings being "see-through," rest assured they can be as opaque as you want them to be.

    22. They can even help you navigate the world.

    23. And in a society that tells us constantly to "mask our flaws," leggings are a statement of defiance.

    24. And when we do want to suck it all in, a high-waisted legging does the trick.

    25. Haters gonna hate, but this chick looks fly.

    Leggings are AWESOME, people. The best, in fact.

    26. And for definitive proof: Beyoncé agrees.