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16 Reasons You MUST Revisit "Murder, She Wrote"

She may look like your grandmother, but J.B. Fletcher is a crime-fighting force to be reckoned with. Here's why everyone should re-watch this Angela Lansbury classic.

1. The delightfully cheerful opening theme

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There is nothing foreboding about this jovial jingle. The theme was composed by British film score composer John Addison, for which he won an Emmy.

2. The reliable formula of death, sleuthing, and satisfying discovery


In J.B. Fletcher's hometown of Cabot Cove (and everywhere else she travels), someone always kicks the bucket, and the mystery novelist-turned-amateur detective always hunts down the killer.

3. The magical population math


Unless they're procreating like bunnies, almost everyone in Cabot Cove should technically be dead. Oh, the wonders of television.

4. J.B. Fletcher's array of alias personas


Angela Lansbury is regularly busting out a caricatured persona to snoop around in disguise. She even plays a dual role as her own British cousin Emma Macgill, an actress who stages her own death to evade murder.


J.B. digging up some dirt as a Pullman City general store owner. Check out those shades.


Jessica goes undercover as a dancing hussy.

5. Jessica's badassery


Just handling an alligator.


Ahead of her time, Jessica tests out some virtual technology.


Playing some Road Hog.

6. Jessica's moments of genius


Season 2, Episode 18: "If A Body Meet A Body"

7. The adorable friendship and never-to-be love affair between Jessica and Dr. Seth Hazlitt



8. The delicious near-death moments she always escapes when snooping around for clues

9. Jessica's range of fabulous faces


10. The parade of before-they-were-famous cameos, including:

George Clooney in Season 3, Ep. 18, "No Laughing Murder"

Neil Patrick Harris in Season 9's "Lone Witness"

Courtney Cox in Season 3's "Death Stalks the Big Top"

As well as Eddie Albert, Andy García, Elliott Gould, Joaquin Phoenix, Marcia Cross, Julianna Margulies, Megan Mullally, Cynthia Nixon, Billy Zane, and more.

11. The fabulous fashion statements

Broaches galore.

Denim on denim.


Evening glitz.

The bold floral print.

The cutesy cowgirl.

12. Countless tropes that make for excellent drinking games


These well-crafted rules are sure to get the job done.

13. J.B. Fletcher's epic internet hipsterization


She was just SO contrarian.

14. J.B. Fletcher's crew of sidekicks, including:

Sheriff Amos Tupper (Tom Bosley)


Amos Tupper is Cabot Cove's sheriff for the first four years of "Murder, She Wrote," and a pretty useless one at that. He eventually retires to Kentucky.

Harry McGraw (Jerry Orbach)


Private investigator Harry McGraw was such a hit on "Murder, She Wrote" as Jessica's friend and right-hand man that he was given his own (albeit shortlived) series entitled "The Law & Harry McGraw."

Sheriff Mort Metzger (Ron Masak)


Poor Sheriff Metzger moves to Cabot Cove from New York City, hoping for a more lackadaisical lifestyle than his days with the NYPD. Little did he know that wherever J.B. Fletcher goes, murder follows.

15. J.B. Fletcher's Adorable Closing Laugh

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The end of almost EVERY EPISODE features a screenshot of Jessica having a giggle. Hurray for justice!

16. 264 episodes of nailbiting suspense

Just to die for.

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