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101 Guest Stars Of Will & Grace!

8 Seasons, 194 Episodes and an amazing 101 Guest Stars! Who was your favourite? Send us a tweet @marcbaybe

1.Al Roker - Producer & Actor, Another World

2.Alan Arkin - Actor, Argo

3.Alec Baldwin - Actor, Beetlejuice

4.Andy Garcia - Actor, The Godfather: Part III

5.Barry Manilow - Musician & Composer

6.Bebe Neuwirth - Actress, Jumanji

7.Blythe Danner - Actress, Meet the Parents

8.Bobby Cannavale - Actor, Win Win

9.Brandon Routh - Actor, Superman Returns

10.Britney Spears - Singer

11.Camryn Manheim - Actress, Ghost Whisperer

12.Candice Bergen - Actress, Murphy Brown

13.Cher - Singer & Actress

14.Chita Rivera - Actress, Chicago

15.Chloë Sevigny - Actress, American Psycho

16.Christine Ebersole - Actress, Amadeus

17.Clark Gregg - Actor, The Avengers

18.Daryl Hall - a.k.a Hall & Oates

19.Debbie Reynolds - Actress & Singer

20.Deborah Harry - Singer & Actress

21.Demi Moore - Actress, Ghost

22.Dylan McDermott - Actor, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

23.Edie Falco - Actress, Cop Land

24.Edward Burns - Actor, Saving Private Ryan

25.Ellen DeGeneres - Celebrity & Actress

26.Elton John - Singer

27.Eric Stoltz - Director & Actor

28.Geena Davis - Actress, Beetlejuice

29.Gene Wilder - Actor, Young Frankenstein

30.George Takei - Actor, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

31.Glenn Close - Actress, Mars Attacks!

32.Hal Linden - Actor, Search for Tomorrow

33.Harry Connick Jr. - Singer & Actor

34.Jack Black - Actor, Kung Fu Panda

35.James Earl Jones - Actor, The Lion King

36.Jamie-Lynn Sigler - Actress, Dark Ride

37.Janet Jackson - Singer

38.Jason Biggs - Actor, American Pie

39.Jeff Goldblum - Actor, Jurassic Park

40.Jennifer Lopez - Singer & Actress

41.Jeremy Piven - Actor, Entourage

42.Joan Collins - Actress, Tales from the Crypt

43.John Cleese - Actor, A Fish Called Wanda

44.John Edwards - Psychic

45.John Oates - a.k.a Hall & Oates

46.Josh Lucas - Actor, American Psycho

47.Julian McMahon - Actor, Fantastic Four

48.Kali Rocha - Actress, Meet the Parents

49.Katie Couric - Producer & Actress, Dateline NBC

50.Ken Marino - Actor, Role Models

51.Kevin Bacon - Actor, Footloose

52.Kristin Davis - Actress, Sex and the City

53.Lee Majors - Actor, Big Fat Liar

54.Leslie Jordan - Actor, The Help

55.Lily Tomlin - Actress, I Heart Huckabees

56.Luke Perry - Actor, The Fifth Element

57.Macaulay Culkin - Actor, Home Alone

58.Madonna - Singer & Actress

59.Martina Navratilova - Tennis Player

60.Matt Damon - Actor, The Bourne Identity

61.Matt Lauer - Actor, 30 Rock

62.Michael Douglas - Actor, The Game

63.Michele Lee - Actress, Along Came Polly

64.Minnie Driver - Actress, Good Will Hunting

65.Mira Sorvino - Actress, Mimic

66.Molly Shannon - Actress, Hotel Transylvania

67.Natasha Lyonne - Actress, American Pie

68.Neil Patrick Harris - Actor, How I Met Your Mother

69.Patrick Dempsey - Actor, Grey's Anatomy

70.Nicollette Sheridan - Actress, Desperate Housewives

71.Parker Posey - Actress, Superman Returns

72.Patti LuPone - Actress, Driving Miss Daisy

73.Raphael Sbarge - Actor, Independence Day

74.Richard Chamberlain - Actor, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

75.Rip Taylor - Comedian & Actor, Wayne's World

76.Rip Torn - Actor, Men in Black

77.Rosanna Arquette - Actress, Pulp Fiction

78.Rosie O'Donnell - Actress & Celebrity

79.Roscoe Lee Browne - Actor, Treasure Planet

80.Rudy Galindo - American Figure Skater

81.Sandra Bernhard - Comedienne, singer, actress

82.Sara Gilbert - Actress, Roseanne

83.Sara Rue - Actress, Rules of Engagement

84.Scott Gordon-Patterson - Actor, Saw IV

85.Seth Green - Actor, Austin Powers in Goldmember

86.Sharon Osbourne - Celebrity, Producer, Actress

87.Sharon Stone - Actress, Casino

88.Stacy Keach - Actor, American History X

89.Stephen Spinella - Actor, Milk

90.Stuart Townsend - Actor, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

91.Sydney Pollack - Director, Tootsie

92.Taye Diggs - Actor, Private Practice

93.Terry Kiser - Actor, Weekend at Bernie's

94.Tim Curry - Actor, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

95.Tom Skerritt - Actor & Director

96.Tom Verica - Actor, American Dreams

97.Tracey Ullman - Actress, Corpse Bride

98.Victor Garber - Actor, Alias

99.Wanda Sykes - Actress, Over the Hedge

100.Wendie Jo Sperber - Actress, Back to The Future

101.Woody Harrelson - Actor, The Hunger Games

Who was your favourite? Send us a tweet @marcbaybe

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