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When A Job Opens Up For A Company You Really Like

You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off of you. You'd be like heaven to work for. Oh, here's my resume and cover letter...♫♪

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You're just randomly searching when suddenly...

You see a job opening for a company you really like!

As you read the qualifications you see how much of your experiences align with them

You LOVE the company culture

You LOVE the work

You're so READY to apply

You want to work for a company that makes you just as happy as the Hulk

You find the nearest computer and begin your research

You start typing up that customized resume and cover letter

You got your references ready to go

You update your social media accounts to reflect the present you

You practice your interviewing/first impression skills (in case they are rusty)

And now after everything that you CAN do is done...

You hope that your cute, dazzling personality, and relevant skills catches the eye of the hiring manager


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