17 Awesome ‘Engrish’ Tees That You Can Buy

Thanks to the internet, these cryptically poignant Asian tees can be yours with just a few clicks!

1. Crown’s Velvet Freez

To be fair, the model looks equally puzzled.


She just read the Buzzfeed article on the 51 Hottest Jewish Men in Hollywood.

3. Goodbye bad girls, will be back soon…

…after putting on some pants.

4. Unerringly Demeanors

Do you also get the unmistakable feeling that someone used a thesaurus here?

5. Take these broken wings and learn to fly

Nothing represents English lettering better than a fabulous slice of 80’s pop.

6. English Rose Bouquet Set Your Spirit Free Infinite Desier

And it was going so well…until the very last syllable!


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines this as “having eaves esp. of an indicated kind”. Now if that isn’t hipster, I don’t know what is.

8. The secret of a good life is to have right loyal and hold the scale of values

The secret of a good life is not to use Comic Sans.

9. We are on the move to end unhappiness

A noble cause with a fitting pink beanie.

10. Peeping from your bosom

Give this to your wingman.



12. Has a profound

Please don’t talk to me if you don’t have a profound.

13. Mexican May Me Rachel

This may just become my new password.

14. PASS

A shining example of why typographic design is not as easy as it looks.

15. Grammy’s Joggers

Wear ‘em with pride!

16. Funy Sunday Poop Ride

Important: Not to be confused with Funny Sunday. Whatever is being described on this shirt doesn’t sound too fun.

17. Dear god, how can’t you are never on TV?

Dear god indeed.

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