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  • NYC Man to Cabbie: “R U Muslim?” *Cabbie Stabbie*

    “According to Detective Marc Nell, at 6:12 pm last night, the driver picked up Michael Enright, 21, at the intersection of 24th Street and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. The cab proceeded to drive north, and Enright asked the driver, who Nell identified as a 43-year-old Asian male, if he was Muslim. After the driver responded that he was, Enright allegedly stabbed him repeatedly with a Leatherman tool, according to police.”

  • Sauron Found. Mordor = the Sun

    A telescope captures most detailed visible-light image ever of a sunspot that is bigger than Earth, 8,000 miles in diameter. At the center of the sunspot the temperature is around 3,600C (6,500F), while the surrounding regions are much hotter, more than 5,800C (10,500F). But we all know what’s really going on here…. the unblinking eye is watching us. View Image ›

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