21 Ways To Add More Bacon To Your Diet

If you love bacon and want to find new ways to add it to your diet, these 21 creative tips are for you.

1. Make Them Into Delicious Roses

2. Or Replace That Boring Taco Shell

3. Put Them On Your Brownies

4. And In Your Reese’s

5. Just Don’t Forget the Bacon Donuts

6. And More Bacon Donuts

7. Just Top All Your Dang Donuts

8. Serve It With Some Guacamole

9. Why Not Dip It In Some Chocolate?

10. Wrap It Around Cinnamon Roles

11. Wrap Them Around Eggs

12. And Wrap Them Around Potatoes

13. You Can Really Wrap Anything With Bacon

14. Or Use It As A Dip For Caramel Apples

15. Stuff Them In Your Waffels

16. And In Those Pancakes

17. Have Them Over Cupcakes

18. Or Over Your Entire Birthday Cake

19. Mix It With Your Milkshake

20. Or That Evening Cocktail

21. And…If All Else Fails…Have It With More Bacon

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