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8 Awesome Tips And Tricks For Harnessing The Power Of Manuka Honey

From your beauty bag to the bathroom cabinet, here's how this sweet superfood can upgrade your entire life.

1. Put it in your soups to really up-the-anti of your home cooking.

2. Put it in your tea, coffee and coolers as a sweet sugar alternative.

3. Use it in your beauty routine to aid a youthful, fresh complexion.

4. Bake with it, while channelling your inner chef.

5. Add it to a cheese platter to instantly improve your entertaining cred.

6. Use it as a face wash instead of harsh, chemical-laden alternatives.

7. Use it on your mane to keep your locks happy, healthy and a little shiny.

8. And finally, use it as a body scrub to buff yourself beautiful.

Manuka Health is New Zealand born and based — and for the third consecutive year, they are Australian Readers Digest's most trusted honey brand. From hive to production to packaging, every product is produced on-site, to ensure you are getting premium natural bee products and quality you can trust. Discover the entire range here.

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