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All The Reasons Why Manuka Honey Is The Seriously Superior Honey

Whether you need to soothe a scratchy throat or give your skin a little extra TLC, Manuka honey is nothing short of the bee's knees.

1. Because it's a real versatile whiz in the kitchen.

2. Because every jar of Manuka Health Manuka honey is tested and certified for natural MGO content.

3. Because it can be used in performance to boost your workouts.

4. Because you can use it as a sweetener substitute over regular sugar.

5. Because you'll really reap the rewards by incorporating it into your beauty regimen.

6. And, while we're here, because Manuka honey works a real treat in DIY skin masks.

7. Because you can use it to help whip up a number of hot drinks at home — limiting how much you spend on your daily caffeine!

8. Because just one spoonful a day will do you a world of good.

9. And finally, because it comes from the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Manuka Health is New Zealand born and based — and for the third consecutive year, they are Australian Readers Digest's most trusted honey brand. From hive to production to packaging, every product is produced on-site, to ensure you are getting premium natural bee products and quality you can trust. Discover the entire range here.

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