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9 Ways That Manuka Honey Can Overhaul Your Entire Beauty Routine

Forget about dropping hundreds of dollars on fancy serums and masks — Manuka honey can seriously do it all.

1. Use it to clear skin blemishes.

2. Use it to calm sensitive skin and reduce redness.

3. Use it to unclog your grimey pores.

4. Use it to give your skin a big dose of antioxidants.

5. Use it as a mask to brighten your complexion.

6. Use it to hydrate your hair and keep those locks looking lush.

7. Use it as a body scrub to smooth your skin.

8. Use it to hydrate and nourish your skin.

9. And finally, use it in a myriad of healthy recipes — because beauty starts from the inside-out.

Manuka Health is New Zealand born and based — and for the third consecutive year, they are Australian Readers Digest's most trusted honey brand. From hive to production to packaging, every product is produced on-site, to ensure you are getting premium natural bee products and quality you can trust. Discover the entire range here.

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