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“Jojo Rabbit” Challenges Knee-Jerk Reactions To Holocaust Stories

Taika Waititi has adapted a melodramatic novel into a gleefully transgressive movie that pushes viewers to rethink how we react to stories about the horrors of Nazi ideology.

Manuel Betancourt 25 days ago

“Euphoria” Believes That A Dick Can Just Be A Dick

Recent TV shows like Euphoria ask us to question why male full frontal nudity on the small screen is still so rare — and to think about the cultural baggage it carries.

Manuel Betancourt 4 months ago

“The Other Two” Is One Of The Best Shows About Gay Men On TV Right Now

From its frank depictions of gay sex to its expert lampooning of Instagays, Comedy Central's The Other Two is both sardonic and sincere.

Manuel Betancourt 7 months ago

“Schitt’s Creek” And The Return Of The Nice Comedy

TV shows like Schitt's Creek, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and The Good Place show how earnestness is the new wave.

Manuel Betancourt 10 months ago

Julia Roberts Isn't America’s Sweetheart Anymore — And We're Better For It

The actor’s performances in Homecoming, Ben Is Back and other recent roles push back against the image that has defined her for so long.

Manuel Betancourt One year ago