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    Feb 12, 2016

    18 Things Brazilians Want You To Know About Carnival In Brazil

    It's the best thing ever.

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    1. Most Brazilians have never been to Rio de Janeiro's Carnival.

    Raphael Dias / Getty Images

    It's too expensive.

    2. But people love to watch the parade on TV.

    Christophe Simon / AFP / Getty Images

    It's the best thing to do when you are suffering from a hangover.

    This woman is Sabrina Sato, the "Queen of Brasil."

    3. (FYI: a school of samba named Portela had a giant Jack Black on the runway this year).

    Raphael Dias / Getty Images

    It was a reference of Gulliver's Travel, in case you didn't recognize it.

    And yes, there are people climbing on Jack.

    4. Actually, there are a lot of types of parties all over the country.

    Victor Moriyama / Getty Images

    This one, for instance, was happening in the streets of downtown São Paulo.

    5. In Salvador, Bahia, the most popular genre of carnival music is axé, and people follow the trio elétrico -- an adapted truck with a band that plays live for seven or eight hours, moving along a circuit on the street.

    TImbalada / Via Facebook: TimbaladaOficial

    The guy in the picture is Denny, singer for Timbalada, a very traditional percussion band in Salvador. You can listen to them here.

    6. In Pernambuco, there's the giant figures tradition and the rhythms are frevo and maracatu -- and axé is not welcome.

    Diego Galba / Via Facebook: prefeituradeolinda

    A few years ago, a mayor tried to pass a law prohibiting axé on Olinda, one of the oldest cities of Pernambuco, during the carnival. The law is not standing, but people really don't care for the rhythm there.

    You can listen to the frevo here and here is some nice maracatu for you.

    7. And even in Rio de Janeiro, outside the Sambadrome, the crowds take the streets to go dancing with the "blocos" which are carnival bands that perform on the streets.

    Fernando Maia / AFP / Getty Images

    This one is the biggest, called Cordão do Bola Preta.

    8. Carnival, after all, is about going out to sing, dance and drink on the streets.

    Victor Moriyama / Getty Images

    You ususally go with your own friends and make a lot of new ones out there.

    9. When it comes to drinking, in São Paulo, a lot of people prefer catuaba than beer.

    10. Glitter is an important element on the streets.

    Mauricio Santana / Getty Images

    One of the most popular searches in Google Brasil on the last days were "how to remove glitter from...".

    11. The street blocos are often themed. This year, a bloco from São Paulo paid homage to David Bowie.

    Victor Moriyama / Getty Images

    Here you can listen to a beautifully carnival-ish version of "The Man Who Sold The World" from one of their rehearsals.

    12. In Olinda, there was also a bloco called "Bumba Meu Bowie".

    13. You will be the best dressed at the "bloco" if you make yourself a smart costume like this one:

    14. Or try a meme, like this totally weird magazine cover:

    That became true!

    15. You can also try to dress as a popular gif, like this one:


    Everything can happen in carnival.

    16. All the gringos that come to visit us during carnival kind of blend into the spirit of the beaches and streets.

    Facebook: OEstranhoMundoDeTimBurton

    Like that SUPER DARK FILMMAKER that found himself so lightly relaxed amongst beach goers.

    17. Here is the distinguished Sir Ian McKellen.

    18. Brazilians think that everyone looks beautiful during the carnival.

    Bloco Filhos da Foto

    And we ~KNOW~ this is the best time of the year.

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