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    The 24 Craziest Pizzas In The Whole World

    The Pizzaria Bate Papo in Guarujá, Brazil, goes above and beyond to keep its customers happy.

    1. Someone shared this magnificent photo on your feed...

    2. And suddenly you discover a whole new world of pizzas:

    3. How about marshmallows?

    4. Or a fruit salad?

    5. Then things start getting weird... Strawberries with condensed milk. A CAN of condensed milk.

    6. Why not include canned peaches WITH THE CAN on your pizza?

    7. Or some chocolate bars.

    8. Or a jar of candy.

    9. Maybe you want something more sophisticated, like Ferrero Rocher?

    10. Or an easter egg... Made out of Ferrero Rocher!

    11. Or simply a block of chocolate over your lovely pizza:

    12. Oh, you're on a diet? How about some fruit?

    13. Bananas.

    14. Watermelon.

    15. Green leaves!

    16. Like hearts of palms? Here you go:

    17. Panetone?

    18. Want some Coke to go with the pizza?

    19. There's also a children's menu! Comes with milk and Toddy...

    20. Would you like some wine?

    21. Or some vodka and coconut water:

    22. Or even a whole freaking bar:

    23. Beer anyone?

    24. But behold... This is the best pizza ever!