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List Of 9 Beautiful Birds Which Once Existed

If you are a bird lover you would be amazed by this list

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1. Andean Cock-of-the-Rock

A bird almost too beautiful to believe, these colorful creatures reside in the Andes Mountains of South America. They nest among the rocks in order to hide their extraordinary appearance that attracts preying eagles and jaguars. These birds have wonderful pompom-shaped crests atop their beaks which are used during the mating season to attract and impress females.

2. Turquoise-Browed Motmot

Another bird full of stunning colors, the Turquoise-Browed Motmot can be found in the tropical areas of South America, although the origins of the bird trace back to Switzerland. They live in the thick rain forests where they try to blend in with their bright colors to hide from prey. Its plumage is extremely soft and it has a tail that can move in any direction.

3. Kakapo

The kakapo, or the owl parrot, is one of the strangest and rarest nocturnal parrots in the world. This bird does not fly, but happens to be one of the longest-living birds. These parrots are also very heavy and large, reaching a weight of about 7.7 pounds and a height of about 24 inches. Kakapos are common in New Zealand, and they are known to be extremely smart animals, getting attached to people who are kind to it. Unfortunately, the Kakapo is nearly extinct and is considered 'critically endangered' by many bird specialists.

4. Hooded Pitohui

The Hooded Pitohui is the famous songbird of New Guinea with bright black and orange plumage. It is considered to be the only poisonous bird in the world as its feathers can cause a burning sensation. The bird is poisonous because it eats Melyrid beetles, which are themselves poisonous. Their bright plumage is meant to warn other birds and species not to eat them!

5. Quetzal

The Quetzal are shockingly colored birds common in western Mexico and Guatemala. Historically, they were sacred to the Mayan and Aztec people, who believed that the Quetzal was the God of Air, and they used their green tail feathers in spiritual ceremonies. The bird inhabits the cold mountain woods, and during the dry seasons, it perches at a height of nearly 10,000 feet!

6. Great Curassow

The Great Curassow is a large, pheasant-like bird that resides in the rainforests of Mexico and Central America. This bird can reach an astounding length of 39 inches and can weigh over 15 pounds! The Great Curassow spends most of its time in tree tops and nests at altitudes of up to 98 feet. The bird is very sensitive to human presence and will leave the area at the slightest indication of people.

7. Malachite Kingfisher

This river kingfisher is distributed throughout the southern African Sahara. The kingfisher feeds by diving into the water to catch small fish and worms and it can estimate the depths of water very accurately. While underwater, the bird's eyes are covered with a special protective skin that allows it to see

8. Helmeted Hornbill

This very large and presuming bird is common in the Malay peninsula, in the areas of Sumatra and Borneo between Malaysia and Indonesia. They are the largest of the 'rhino' birds in Asia, with beaks made of pure bone that constitute up to10 percent of their weight. The helmet on their beaks are unfortunately collected as material for handicrafts, despite the fact that they are considered 'near threatened' by most major nature authorities. They have a very unusual bird song that resembles musical laughter.

9. Hoatzin

The Hoatzin is another pheasant-sized bird found in the swamps, mangroves and forests of the Amazon in South America. They are also known as 'Stinkbirds' because they spend most of their time lounging on branches digesting their food. These birds have two claws on each of their wings, which they use for climbing trees and catching prey.

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