Manny V.
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  • Jan 15th, 2010 - March for Change We Still Believe In

    ON JANUARY 15, 2010 AMERICANS WILL MARCH ON WASHINGTON IN NUMBERS HERETOFORE UNSEEN TO DEMONSTRATE OUR SUPPORT FOR THE FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES WE STILL BELIEVE IN AND WANT TO SEE OUR PRESIDENT & REPRESENTATIVES FIGHT FOR. We need to show our numbers, our vigor, and our commitment to REAL, SUBSTANTIVE, AND FUNDAMENTAL (not incremental) CHANGE in a way that will capture the national media’s attention and call attention to our discontent. This astroturf, right-wing, Tea Party movement has been successful in creating the misperception that “Millions” of Americans are fed up with Gov’t (specifically Obama). THE REALITY, however, is that many more of us voted for our President because we hoped for more from our government. More compassion, more diplomacy, more honesty, more protection, and more equality.

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