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Avarice Is The Spur Of Industry

Even if you pride yourself on being a liberal, open and modern citizen of the world, you may still be guilty of being biased, especially when it comes to businesses.

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If this was 1990 and I wanted to start a business, all I would need is an idea, some capital, a market and a plan. Today, these are considered to be the basics, something that's level 1. Today, you need to motivate, support, believe, change the universe, and cure world hunger – not to forget that all this needs to be combined in a gut-wrenching inspirational story. Not that I have anything against the soul stirring backdrops, oh no sir - I am all for it. I get uncomfortable only when I can't tell the difference between the real stuff and the manufactured mumbo-jumbo.

I wonder where this trend began. Perhaps through the approval received by successful entrepreneurs with great stories that seem to lend character to the brand? But this depth, once a differentiator for certain businesses is now becoming a household ingredient perpetrated by every cook-book out there and like every other "tip" to success, it's been given to and utilised by every tom, dick and harry (forcibly or otherwise).

This is what I find ironic – a culture that seems to prize novelty and unique ideologies is so quick to encourage cloning. A broad minded society that is so quick to judge when confronted with a business's lack of deep rooted philosophy? Tsk. Tsk.

For those of you, who are shaking their heads and quoting spider man, why don't you conduct a little social experiment. Go up to a few people and ask them how they are using their power (however little it may be) to influence the world. You will get your answer before even going that far. I may be stretching it a little but so is this idea of humanising a business which was created to make money.

As a marketer and a consumer, while it is natural to love a brand because of a back story and its mission to save the world, it is easier and more real to measure a brand through the passion it exudes. To me, that is something which is difficult to fake and easy to perpetrate throughout your business and unlike a cause or motto or story, passion is something that you can truly own.

So, in the spirit of authenticity, be yourself and let them be true too.

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