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Google Dinosaur Game - Buzz Among The Gamers

Do you browse daily on Google? If your answer is Yes, then you must have come across the Dinosaur game of Google which automatically shows up where there is no internet connection available. The Game is also well known as the Trex Game and it is designed by a Google designer, Sebastian Gabriel. He himself not known to the extremely viral nature of the game among the gamers. The Dino Game is hidden on the 'Network Error page. The Game has very simple design and easy to play which is one of the reasons that it is very famous among all class of gamers.

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How to play the Dino Game

* The Game will automatically show up when there is no internet connection or you can also go to the

* When the game starts, you will see a Trex appears on the screen.

* Hit the Spacebar to start the Game.

* Once the game will get started, you have to jump over the cactus plants coming your way.

* Use arrow keys to protect yourself from the flying dragons.

Gameplay Video of the Dino Game

View this video on YouTube

In this Video, you can have a clear view of how the Google Dino Game looks like and the look and feel view of the game itself.

Why Gamers are Crazy about this Game?

Gamers are going crazy over this small Dino game and there are reasons behind it. First of all the game is very simple and it doesn't require any internet connection so it is a plus point for all the people who are working in the office and don;t have internet connection, they can easily fun by playing the game hiding from the bosses :)

Secondly, the game doesn't have any advertisements. so there is not all distraction. The game has a simple UI which attracts many people who are not even gamers and last but not the least, the game is very very fast. No delay in loading at all.

If you Guys have played Dino game, then do let us know about your experiences and fun. Cheers!

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