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6 Times Kuzco Was The Best Disney Character Ever

After all, he was the hippest cat in creation.

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6. Kuzco's sassiness

Some of our favourite sassy quotes of his: 'Let me guess, you have a great personality.'

'I don't make deals with peasants!'

'This is Yzma, the emperor's advisor. Living proof that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth.'

You know, to name a few.

5. When he knew the classic 'waterfall' movie scene.

Bring it on.

4. His servants were on point

Theme song guy.

3. Iconic quotes, sassy or not.

The obvious ones:


'NO TOUCHY! No touch.'

'This story is about me. NOT HIM.'

'If you would have done what I ordered you to do in the first place, we all could have been spared your little kiss of life.'

'Let me guess, you have a great personality.'

'Ha! Boom baby!

6. He's not afraid to dress in drag

1. His grand entrance

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