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These Ten Unicorn Inspired Foods Are Magical

ALL the colors.

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1. Prettiest Pink Smoothie Bowl

the_sunkissed_kitchen / Via Instagram: @the_sunkissed_kitchen


2. Magical Unicorn Rolls

theindigokitchen / Via Instagram: @theindigokitchen

Magical indeed!

3. Unicorn Hot Chocolate

macabry / Via Instagram: @macabry

You had me at chocolate.

4. Unicorn Rice Noodles

DaydreamWorkshop / Via Instagram: @daydreamworkshop

Pastel bowl of yum!

5. Truffle Grilled Cheese

blancheeze / Via Instagram: @blancheeze

Rainbow cheese?! Yes!

6. Dragon Fruit & Meyer Lemon Meringue Tart

DaydreamWorkshop / Via Instagram: @daydreamworkshop

Hypnotic meringue swirls and edible flowers.

7. Rainbow Sushi Donuts

wildblend / Via Instagram: @wildblend

I donut want regular sushi ever again.

8. Unicorn Shakes & Floats

OrangeCountyCuisine / Via Instagram: @cremeandsugaroc

I'll take two of each!

9. Rainbow Crêpe Cake

veggiekins / Via Instagram: @veggiekins


10. Cucumber Blinis

Foodbites / Via Instagram: @foodbites

Almost too pretty to eat.

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