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    25 Of The Orangey-Ist Orange Things

    If your favorite color is orange, this post is for you! If your favorite color is not orange, you're wrong.

    1. These orange Ice Breakers and their large orange carrying case.

    2. This very orange Christmas.

    3. This beautiful orange flower.

    4. The orange moon.

    5. These lovely orange roses.

    6. These extremely fashionable ladies in London. / Via

    Note: The person who posted this on Pinterest is looking for the origins of the photo! If you know, go to the URL cited and let her know.

    7. All this delicious orange candy.

    8. Frank Sinatra, who obviously knows best.

    9. This bird.

    10. This orange doorway.

    11. This very orange world. / Via

    It's highly likely this is where the orange doorway leads.

    12. This person evaporating into orange smoke because they love orange so much.

    13. This orange fridge filled with orange edibles.

    14. The orange shoes on this lady trying to kick out the window.

    15. This flamingo that knows orange is the new pink.

    16. All these orange books. / Via

    I would most like to read "The Impregnable Women" by Eric Linklater.

    17. This beautiful orange car.

    18. This orange snowman. / Via

    Perfect for Christmas in July.

    19. These fuzzy orange things that go on your legs.

    20. The mannequin who knows the correct color to wear on her big day.

    21. These orange steps that can really get you up in the world.

    22. All these great orange office supplies. / Via

    Guaranteed to boost your productivity!

    23. This thing. / Via

    It's orange, so I want it.

    24. This orange cat.

    25. This orange sunset.

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