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15 Pets Who Tried To Ruin Christmas

Don't be fooled by their cuteness. These pets are Christmas hating monsters and will do anything to try to destroy the joyous holiday!

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6. Sylvester, who tried to mix things up a little bit and destroy the tree this year, instead of the presents. / Via

"I eat Christmas tree branches, and then I chewed mommy's hairdryer cord. I'm a spoiled prince and I know it! -Sylvester"

13. Bella, who succeeded in getting Santa to stay away from her house this year. / Via

"I am beyond redemption! I ate all the dog treats meant for doggie Christmas stockings, my brother's stocking stuffers and ruined some crafts. SANTA WON'T VISIT ME THIS YEAR!! Pre-binge weight 11 lbs now 14.2 lbs."

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