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    15 Innocent Objects That Totally Look Like Sex Toys

    SFW, sorta.

    1. The Banana Bunker / Via

    The Banana Bunker® is a portable protective case for your bananas. Coincidentally it looks like this other thing that protects your banana.

    2. This dog toy

    Talk about doin' it doggy style, amirite??? No but yeah.

    3. This curling iron

    Heat things up: wrap your hair between the balls.

    4. This lamp base / Via

    Gripping the base indeed.

    5. This facial exercise mouthpiece

    This Japanese beauty product is supposed to exercise and tone your facial muscles to prevent sagging. I believe it's made from real blow up doll parts.

    6. This citrus reamer

    Reamer. I'm so sure.

    7. Wormy party balloons

    If a clown showed up to my child's birthday party with these, my first instinct would be to call the cops.

    8. Horse hobbles

    These restraints are actually used on horses to limit their locomotion during training or in lieu of tying them up in an open area. Pony play enthusiasts, take note!

    9. This cellulite-ridding device

    This device is supposed to massage away your cellulite, but if that doesn't work (it won't work) I'm sure you can find other uses for it.

    10. This toggle ball bungee cord

    It's like a ball gag for freaky people climbing Mount Everest or something.

    11. Slippery Water Wigglers

    Remember these guys? They were 4 to 6 inch squishy plastic tubes filled with water that would slide out of your hand unless you literally pantomimed jacking off.

    12. This wine stopper

    Plug it up...the classy way.

    13. This cat toy

    For teasing the kitty.

    14. This lipstick tube

    Totally looks like something else that's both portable and magical.

    15. This microcurrent facial rejuvenating device

    Courtesy of

    The ReFa Carat is a facial massager that uses gentle microcurrents and SCIENCE to stimulate your facial skin and muscles, overall improving your skin's surface and tautness. With a price tag of $290, it also better get me off.