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The Grueling Process Of Taking The Perfect Selfie

C'mon, everyone knows you do it for the likes.

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1. You catch a glance at yourself in the mirror and think you look extra spiffy today:

Fox / Via

Well, helloooooo there good-lookin'.

2. And so, the endless snapping of pictures begins:

Fox / Via

You do anything to get the best shot. ANYTHING.

3. You're only on your 4352753457389535th picture and still no sign of a post-worthy photo:

NBC / Via

Maybe it's time to find better lighting....

4. Then, people start judging you for trying to get the perfect selfie:

E! / Via

Block out the haters with your flash and your smile.

5. You try the sexy look:

Comedy Central / Via

And DEFINITELY pull it off, but maybe you want to go for a more fun, happy look...

6. You cheese it up: / Via

Show off those pearly whites!

7. You decide that maybe, just maybe, the duckface will be the winner:

NBC / Via


8. Maybe a selfie with a friend?!

VH1 / Via

Let's be real, you only pick the one where you look ~*flawless*~.

9. You struck gold and found the selfie that will grace your friends' Instagram feeds! / Via

And you feel pretty damn amazing.

10. BUT, after all that hard work, you are faced with choosing a filter:

VH1 / Via


11. Whatevs, either way, you look FAB-U-LOUS: / Via

Long live the Selfie Queen.

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