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    The Definitive Ranking Of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" Special Visitors From Worst To Best

    Will Wisp top the list?

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons has truly been a blessing in this nightmare of a year.


    I've been playing the Animal Crossing games since the GameCube days, and one thing that's always been a highlight for me is the special visitors.


    Each visitor brings a little something new to the game, even if that something new is also aggravating. I'm looking at you, Gracie, with your dirty convertible that I was never able to wash as perfectly as you wanted.

    So I've decided that it's time to rank the special island visitors from worst to best!


    A quick note: I'm sticking with the random visitors for this ranking, so I'm not including KK Slider, Daisy Mae, or Pascal, since they are guaranteed to visit at their prospective times. With that in mind, let's get ranking!

    11. Leif

    Leif standing next to his stall of flowers and saplings outside of Resident Services

    I'll say it: Leif is adorable. We were all so excited when Leif was announced with the first big update, but eventually you end up getting all of the shrubs and his visits become kind of worthless. He does buy weeds at a higher price than the Nooklings, but when you keep your island pristine like I normally do you don't have that many weeds to sell him. As cute as he is, I'm usually disappointed when he's the visitor now, earning him the lowest ranking on this list.

    10. Label

    Label standing outside of Resident Services with her notebook and suitcase

    I was really excited for Label's first few visits! Her fashion challenges are usually pretty fun and I love collecting clothes so her tailor's ticket prizes were welcome. Honestly, though, I'm pretty lukewarm to her designer clothes, and as time has gone on (and doing well with the turnip stocks) the tailor tickets have become pretty worthless.

    Plus, when she gave me a goth challenge I went full on goth with a leather-looking black dress, fishnets, boots, and a goth looking hat and Label didn't think it embodied the goth style at all. By goth, what she really means Halloween costumes. When my boyfriend put on a mishmash of costume items, she told him he embodied the true spirit of goth and I've been low-key kind of mad at her ever since.

    9. Kicks

    Kicks the skunk stands at his stall in front of Resident Services

    Kicks is fine. He's a cute little skunk and he does sell some really cute shoes — paw slippers, anyone? I do like the shoes he sells better than the Label fashion line, so that personal preference ranks him a little higher than Label. However, he's still kind of boring compared to others on this list.

    8. Wisp

    Wisp smiling with happy flowers all around him

    I love ghosts and adorable things, so naturally I love Wisp. Somehow he's always so surprised to see you that his spirit splits into five parts that you have to hunt down, which is a fun little activity with the promise of a reward. Honestly though, his rewards aren't always that great — especially compared to the other visitors — giving him a bit of a lower ranking on this list.

    7. Flick

    Flick stands on a pretty bridge and looks off into the distance holding his net

    Flick is so cool! He wears his teeny little Doc Martens and accessorizes to perfection. Seriously, who doesn't love him? A visit from him also means easy extra bells, especially during beetle season. It's always a pleasure to have a visit from Flick.

    6. CJ

    CJ stands in front of the Fishing Tourney booth in front of Resident Services

    CJ and Flick are almost interchangeable in this ranking, but with the spawn rates of expensive fish — especially during summer — combined with the ability to create bait, CJ just barely surpasses Flick on this list. Unlike Flick, CJ does require you to do a challenge before he'll buy from you, but the challenges are always pretty quick and easy. A visit from CJ always means a good chunk of extra bells.

    5. Saharah

    Saharah smiles with her backpack full of rugs and wallpapers

    It's always good to see Saharah, especially since the latest update that allows you to keep the conversation going instead of having to keep restarting with every purchase. The mysterious wallpapers and floorings are always make Saharah's visits worthwhile, so much so one of my friends will always come visit when she shows up!

    4. Gulliver

    Gulliver walks on the beach

    Gulliver has been a favorite of mine since the GameCube because he always gives some of the best items in the game (that honestly look like they should also go into the museum. But that's ok. We deserve to keep them). In New Horizons, you first have to wake Gulliver up from his slumber, followed by finding the parts to his communicator buried in the sand. It's a fun little activity with a high reward, earning Gulliver a spot in the top half of the list.

    3. Gullivarrr

    Gullivarr sleeps soundly on the beach in full pirate ensemble

    Gullivarrr beats out regular Gulliver for two reasons. 1. I prefer diving for his communicator over digging for multiple communicator parts, and 2. I like pirates. Gullivarrr is always fun and the items he gives are some of the best in the game for decorating; the pirate decor works for both general island decor or a good pirate room in your house. Plus, diving is a lucrative activity, so you can easily earn extra bells while searching for his communicator once again.

    2. Celeste

    Celeste looks up at the night sky excitedly

    Celeste gives the best recipes in the whole game, earning her the number two spot on this list. Plus, she's absolutely adorable. My friends and I always post whenever she is on our respective islands to share in her wonderful star-based DIY recipes. Plus, when she's around that often means you're going to get shooting stars as well!

    1. Redd

    Redd stands on the beach

    Oh Redd, the elusive fox who seems to be the rarest visitor to the island. The black market dealer only manages to show up every few weeks unlike any other villagers, earning him the number one spot on this list. Most of his art (and sometimes all of it!) is fake, but with a keen eye his visit is almost always worth it to fill up the museum. If only Redd would appear more often, and not just for his potentially illegal fireworks sales that he seems to have the time for.

    Do you agree with my ranking of the special villagers? Let me know how you would've ranked them in the comments below!