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    17 Adorable Reasons To Follow Elly The Corgi On Instagram

    So cor-geous.

    This is Elly. She's a 3 month old corgi.

    She's ADORABLE, and has many irresistible qualities.

    1. For starters, she's pretty much a professional hiker.

    Those paws were BUILT FOR TERRAIN.

    2. And she's hella adventurous.

    3. She's actually very funny.

    4. She doesn't mind getting dirty.

    5. She has the MOST adorable floppy ears.

    6. She's graceful and majestic.

    7. And she has the most memorable run.

    8. Elly is seriously outdoorsy.

    9. She lives for joyrides.

    10. She's athletic. 🏀

    11. She can really rock a hat.

    12. She's only 10 inches tall. SO TINY.

    13. She gets excited on Fridays.

    14. She's always up for a good celebration.

    15. She's a highly scientific specimen.

    16. She loves bubble baths.

    17. And she's just overall so dang photogenic. 😍


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