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Top 10 Movies Of 2014

Here is my top movies of 2014, not yours. But feel free to tell me what yours are! l I didnt see them all so this list is not including The Babadook, Whiplash, and Night crawler. Also, here are the best that did not make the list. Edge of tomorrow - This movie is AWESOME!! Go see this!! How to train your dragon 2 - Great sequel, worth checking out! Captain America 2: Winter soldier - Would have made this list if it weren't for that meddling Guardians movie. The Grand Budapest Hotel - Another great film from Wes Anderson. X men: Days Of Future past - My favorite franchise did not disappoint. Big hero 6: Wait till the end of the movie to see an extra scene with Stan Lee!

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10. Annabelle

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Ok, before you start wondering why this movie is in the top 10...its because it went above and beyonf at doing its job, it scared the shit out of the people watching it.

Most of the movie, pretty much all of the movie was made up. The based on a true story was quite a reach. The Doll was actually an raggedy Anne doll, not the creepy doll in the movie. Not to mention most of the plot points were fictional. The reason this movie is in the top 10, is because every couple years or so a movie comes along that you just have to see in the theaters. It's a must, because half of the thrill is seeing everyone around you react. This movie had the "no no no nooooo's", it had the shrieks from the audience and the collective gasps when something creepy showed up on the screen. I would put this theater reactions up there with Paranormal Activity and The Ring.

9. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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This movie was no where near as entertaining as the 1st in the new series. It dragged out at times and made you wish they had spent more time going over what happened right after. Instead we were given 3 different preview videos from 3 different directors of what could have been a much more epic series. This is one of my favorite movies series of all time but the 1st film in the new series had way more of a punch and much more entertaining characters to watch.

8. The Hobbit: Return of the King

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Although the 1st two were much more enjoyable, this movie definitely makes the top 10. It got a bit cheesy at times and you got a little frustrated with some of the characters dumb moves. Still wondering what happened to a lot of the characters though since I didn't read the books. I better wrap up would have been nice if you are making a 9 hours film out of a book.

7. Birdman

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This dark comedy is so beautifully shot, making the whole movie seem like it is shot in one flawless take. Only the shadows of a dark staircase takes you into a cut. But you wont find any visible cuts in this film.The movie sometimes mirrors Keaton in real life as his choices and life of "Birdman" are eerily close to that of the Batman. Emma Stone is awesome in this and so is Edward Norton. The ending is open ended to your interpretation as well.

6. The Lego Movie

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It's unusual you get to see so many characters in one film but thank you to LEGO for having the rights to put this together. An all star cast of voices including Chris Pratt and Will Ferrell made this movie one of the best animated movies of all time. Great cross over format that we will see more of with the Sponge Bob Movie coming in 2015. Just sit back, enjoy the ride and be a kid again.

5. The Interview

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this was not a top 10 movie of 2014 before its release but after 'merica got behind it, then we really had something special. It actually is a very funny film if you enjoy the comedy stylings of Rogen and James Franco. I have always scoffed at people who clap after a good movie...who are you clapping for? But this film, this deserved to have a round of applause afterwards. Although it might have been made in poor taste, its our right to make it and our right to view. 'MERICA.

Copied here is a link of me after the viewing of The Interview.

4. Boyhood

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What a treat from my favorite director Richard Linklater. If you are not familiar with this film, stop reading and go see it. For the rest of us, watching a movie that took 12 years to makes was something very special to watch. It really doesn't matter if you grew up in a divorcee family, the coming of age tale makes you go back to a lot of moments of your awkward childhood. The film even tempts tragedy if you are paying attention and will give you mini anxiety attacks where subtle movie goer's will be lost in dialogue .

3. Gone Girl

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This was the scariest film I have ever seen. Not because its "scary" like boo scary but because it's possible someone could be that bat shit crazy and do that?

I like to watch a film and have everything figured out, this is probably why I loved this film so much is because it was usually 2 steps ahead of me. An ending that lacked closure but with a shitshow of action in it leading up it's fine with me trying to figure out what the hell these two were going to do next.

2. Guardians Of The Galaxy

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It's like Star wars meets Star Trek but with a better sense of humor.

This was the perfect movie for me. One of the best soundtracks of all time. My kinda of sense of humor, a little romance, just enough action, some of my favorite working actors, amazing CGI, talking animals and a Jackson Pollock reference? YAS!

Best comic book movie of all time, hands down...and then back up again...because we are not worthy!!

1. Interstellar

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I kid you not, I made this list and forgot this movie...something was missing.

Yeah, maybe the best movie of the last 10 years. It's cinematic presence can only compare to a Jurassic Park or Avatar type feeling. At one point in the film, I actually physically moved with a spaceships movement. If we could just make like 10 of these a year instead of 150 mediocre movies, that would be great.

"Those aren't mountains" still gives me goose bumps thinking about that scene in what was the most epic wave ever created for film.

The only problem I walked away with this film is why after all that, would they not spend more time together when they are finally reunited...but I understand the direction the film was in and timing is everything.

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