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Why Are People Obsessed With Benedict Cumberbatch? Lets Review

It is less than a month for the Sherlock season 4 premier and it is never a bad idea to review why Benedict Cumberbatch is so charismatic.

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He reminds us that 6 pack abs ain’t enough to go gaga over guys

It is the intellect...

The talent...

I mean look at those captivating eyes!


That Raw yet charismatic persona

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Yes yes, take a moment and gaze into those eyes.

That talent gets us mind blown all the time

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He is as intelligent as Sherlock in real life

Pinterest @benedictcumberbatch / Via

He goes through multiple hair styles but his hair game is ALWAYS on point

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Those curls ain't getting old!

Oh, did I say he is a talent extraordinaire?

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Talk about work or relationships – he aces both.


One of those people who doesn't forget the roots

Also, the cuteness is also irresistible

So, ready for Sherlock?

Watch him being awesome in season 4 if you missed it!

View this video on YouTube
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