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21 Red Pandas That Will Teach You How To Live Like A Boss

These Red Pandas are dynamic, vivacious and they are the ones making the rules. So you’d better stay put ‘coz Ain’t nobody messin’ with them. Thank You InyMiny for giving us this treat!

Manaal Siddiqui • 4 years ago

21 Things Every Single Indian Girl Is Sick Of Hearing

"When I was your age, I was a mother of two." *RAGE*

Manaal Siddiqui • 5 years ago

27 WTF Hilarious Indian Board Signs That Will Crack You Up Like A Deranged Monkey

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THESE EXIST! This will definitely make your day!

Manaal Siddiqui • 5 years ago

23 Things All Engineers Go Through During College

Its 4 years of high and low and a crazy, crazy roller coaster ride. You know it. You've been there...felt it and it was just beyond amazing. Its a whole bunch of experiences and a lifetime of memories.

Manaal Siddiqui • 5 years ago

The 24 Underestimated Things We Forgot To Thank Our Siblings For

If you're lucky enough to have a sibling, you know that its the best feeling in the world and no one....absolutely no one will ever understand you better than they do. You think you'd rather be the only child, but you know you'd hate it. Siblings do so much for us throughout our lives that goes unrecognized and now's the time to be grateful for it. Because....Siblings are forever!

Manaal Siddiqui • 5 years ago

22 Ridiculously Cool Rare Natural Phenomena That Happen On Earth

Events that are so rare and beautiful that they may seem unbelievable at first but they do happen...for real.

Manaal Siddiqui • 5 years ago

15 Attractive Things Men Do That Completely Steal Your Heart

Men are just the most adorable things in the world. They love, they care and they make you smile in a million possible ways. They might seem tough on the exterior, but when they come to love and care, they just make you wanna hug them tight and melt in their arms forever.

Manaal Siddiqui • 5 years ago

14 Prettiest Things That Girls Do

Girls are adorable and lovable in a million unthinkable ways. Some we notice, some we ignore and some we don't even realize. But having a girl by your side feels like home, no matter how far away you are. They care for you, make you feel loved and they pleasantly surprise you in a thousand little ways. Say it loud or not..Girls are simply the best!

Manaal Siddiqui • 5 years ago

24 Things That Happen When You Go To An Indian Wedding

When you find yourself lost among crowds of drunk, dancing group of people...Fear're at a typical Indian Wedding!

Manaal Siddiqui • 5 years ago

16 Weird Questions Muslims Are Sick Of Answering

Its just so annoying! And there is absolutely no end to this string of "intelligent inquiries" It just doesn't stop! Could you not for heaven's sake!

Manaal Siddiqui • 5 years ago