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The 24 Underestimated Things We Forgot To Thank Our Siblings For

If you're lucky enough to have a sibling, you know that its the best feeling in the world and no one....absolutely no one will ever understand you better than they do. You think you'd rather be the only child, but you know you'd hate it. Siblings do so much for us throughout our lives that goes unrecognized and now's the time to be grateful for it. Because....Siblings are forever!

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1. They were your best friend by default since day 1.

2. No matter what, they taught you to always find and have fun in the smallest of things...Even if it meant being totally crazy.

3. You always had someone around to whine about your problems because they knew your temper tantrums back and forth. / Via tumblr

4. They told you the cold hard truth when you asked "How do I look?" / Via tumblr

5. You always had someone to be weird with at those boring family events. / Via giphy

6. They were always supportive of you...well...most of the time!

7. Seriously they tried their best!

8. They made fun of you all the time, but that's part of being a sibling and it did make you grow as a person and tolerate the crap in life. / Via giphy

9. They were always insanely protective. / Via tumblr

10. They always got your back. / Via tumblr

11. You're were in for some huge surprises your entire life. They love to scare the crap outta you! And you too got back at them time to time and its fun. / Via onegif

12. Except when you really needed them to keep a secret, they did. / Via giphy

13. They shared your joys and tears and you know you could always count on them. / Via tumblr

14. They made you feel special and coming from someone who always seems to hate you, you must really rock hunh? / Via giphy

15. They’re fun to tell fun things with because they’ve seen you struggle so hard to get what you want and when you finally get it, it’s like they get it too. / Via tumblr

16. You may have been a personal punching bag, they were for you as well: A good way to take out the entire days' frustration. / Via tumblr

17. You never had to worry about being weird around them because they always joined you in. / Via tublr

18. They may never have been effusive in their praise, but deep down, you know they meant it.

19. The random messages they send to remind you that they love you are unprecedentedly the Best Things Ever. / Via tumblr

20. You might hate them to the core but they always loved you no matter what.

Awwww! / Via tumblr


21. You fought and kicked and raged with fury... / Via tumblr

22. But trust me, those small idiotic fights are the things you will reminisce forever. / Via tumblr

23. They've always been close, no matter what. Push them, hate them loathe them..whatever...You're still blood. / Via tumblr

24. And you know, come what may, they will always be there...standing beside you....ready to fight the world. / Via tumblr

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