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    23 Things All Engineers Go Through During College

    Its 4 years of high and low and a crazy, crazy roller coaster ride. You know it. You've been there...felt it and it was just beyond amazing. Its a whole bunch of experiences and a lifetime of memories.

    1. The sex ratio in your class or even college is worse than the state of Haryana!

    2. You have more exams that there are days in a year.

    3. Acquiring the unparalleled power of finishing a 500 page book overnight before exams, when it took you like forever to read a complete newspaper.

    4. And then waking up excruciatingly sloppy the next day after an accidental nap during class because you managed to pull not one, but two consecutive all-nighters!

    5. Trying to bribe the Gods a day before the results, hoping that a 100 Rs. note would save the day!

    6. When you're given an assignment/report, you're like:

    7. Ten hours before the deadline...

    8. Five hours before the deadline...

    9. An hour before the deadline ...

    10. When this is what your fair notebook looks that is a master art piece in itself!

    11. Almost all your family members suddenly start asking you to help repair a broken fridge, TV, Blender or any other household appliances since you are an "Engineer"!

    12. When this is how you feel during a class lecture.

    13. When nothing in your exam paper is even remotely related to what you've studied in class.

    14. Although you had no hope of even passing a test, you somehow magically ace it and you enjoy the "I just aced that" moment!

    15. When your friends from Arts and Humanities class, talk about their plans to go out and hit the bar and party, when you spent your last birthday in a computer lab.

    16. Your social calender is as empty as a stadium during a test match .

    17. If you're a girl...well you feel you've somehow landed on a different planet!

    18. Towards the end of any semester you realize that sleep is something for the weak and timid.

    19. When you realize that the individual questions on your assignment have a, b, c d and never ending subparts to it!

    20. No matter what your work is, you feel proud of it, despite your constant whining and complaining.

    21. When you feel like a Matrix developer until some archaic coding language you’re pretty sure was delivered to Earth on a stone tablet from an alien planet where NOTHING MAKES ANY SENSE.

    22. Although you manage to get your code to work for reasons that seem unknown and vacant.

    23. But you love what you do and nothing in the world can change that.