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15 Attractive Things Men Do That Completely Steal Your Heart

Men are just the most adorable things in the world. They love, they care and they make you smile in a million possible ways. They might seem tough on the exterior, but when they come to love and care, they just make you wanna hug them tight and melt in their arms forever.

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1. When they say something so sweet, something so honest that it makes them a little nervous, and that's what makes it special. / Via tumblr

2. When they pull you over to lay on them and your head fits in that little alcove between their chest and shoulders and everything just smells of cologne and manliness, intoxicating you completely. / Via tumblr
Via tumblr

3. When they defy gender norms by going shopping with you or cooking you a wonderful, (sometimes not so-wonderful!) home cooked meal...but the gesture just makes you wanna hug them tight and never let go. / Via tumblr

4. Their acts of classic chivalry; like when they not only ask you whether you feel cold or need a coat, but take it off and wrap it around you. / Via tumblr

5. When they cry over something that means a lot to them - 'Man tears', which is the easiest way to get a girl to just melt over them. / Via tumblr

6. When they are honest and admit their shortcomings.

Via tumblr

7. When they simply stare at you and smile when you talk and then out of nowhere plant a kiss which is probably the best feeling there is in the world. / Via tumblr

8. When they play with kids or animals, hold babies, talk about their future kids or admit that they sometimes think of potential names for their children. / Via tumblr / Via giphy / Via tumblr

9. When they seem to enjoy something that they never did before, only because it makes you happy. / Via giphy

And when asked how they do it, they're like... / Via tumblr

10. When they handle a situation calmly and tell you not to worry because they're there for you. / Via tumblr

11. When they get frustrated over little things like not being able to fix some household thing that broke or their sports team losing.

Via gifboom

12. When you’re upset and they say “shh, shh” or other comforting things while they pull you in their arms… does anyone else know what I’m talking about? Because, Oh My God! / Via tumblr

13. When they’re confident of themselves, but not cocky about it! / Via tumblr

14. When they respect a woman and hold them in high regard, and talk about her for reasons that have nothing to do with her beauty or appearance. / Via giphy

15. When they love you for who you are and not what they want you to be, and that makes you love them even more. / Via tumblr

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