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What Its Like Growing Up With Siblings

Can't live with them. Can't live without them.

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1. You Can Never Take A Decent Picture

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Taking 50 pictures to find one that we can all agree on.

2. You Take Multiple Cars Because You Can't Fit In One

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Are we there yet?!

3. You Constantly Argue Over Who is the Favorite

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We all know that the youngest is always the favorite.

4. There is Never Enough Hot Water for Everyone to Shower

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You better get used to ice showers!

5. Only You Can Bully Your Siblings

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Don't mess with my siblings!

6. It's Hard to be in a Relationship

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No one is good enough to date your sibling.

7. There is Always Someone to Celebrate Your Milestones

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21st birthdays, engagements, marriage, 50th birthdays, first child.

8. You Cover For Each Other Because They Know All Your Secrets

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"If you tell on me then I'll tell them the time you....."

9. They Know How to Push Your Buttons

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That was my toy!

10. You Always Have Someone to Blame Things On

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It wasn't me! They did it.

11. You Teach Each Other Life Lessons

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Sometimes we're not the nicest when we do it.

12. They Embarrass You in Public

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It doesn't matter where you are or who you are with, your siblings will find a way to embarrass you.

13. You Label Your Food in the House

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You think about eating your leftovers all day to come home and find out your sibling ate it!

14. They REALLY Know How to Push Your Buttons

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Get out of my face!

15. You Always Have Someone Who Loves You No Matter What

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No matter what happens, you will always have your sibling.

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