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    8 Reasons You NEED To Be Watching "Chef's Table"

    Move over Top Chef, there's a new foodie show in town.

    1. First of all: Food porn, food porn, food porn.


    Netflix and pig out, anyone?

    2. The food literally turns into art. LOOK:


    Why have one when you can have it all?

    3. Like, there's a chef in Chicago that makes a helium balloon. Out of sugar.

    Netflix / Via

    Crazy, cool, conceptual — I need one.

    4. Also, there's an Indian chef in Bangkok who makes yogurt spherical.


    The dish is called "Yogurt Explosion," and it's fucking awesome.

    5. Watching the show feels like you're watching a bougie travel documentary.


    Move over, National Geographic, I get my earth porn *and* my food porn in the same place now.

    6. You can learn fancy food vocabulary for your next dinner conversation.


    "Umami is all about flavor.... Eating is an encompassing experience..." *sips wine*

    7. The show provides POC chefs with the spotlight they oh-so-rightfully deserve.


    This is Niki Nakayama. She's a totally badass chef and restaurant owner who specializes in making kaiseki, traditional multi-course Japanese meals. Catch her breaking boundaries and being generally awesome in Season 1 Episode 4.

    8. And basically, you can fall in love with food all over again.


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