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10 Things That Terrified Us When We Were Children

Your childhood was a lot scarier than you may remember. Left alone in the woods for five long years, two sisters have finally returned to civilization. And they've brought something with them. Don't miss Mama, NOW PLAYING in theaters everywhere.

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1. This spine-tingling intro sequence.


Narrowly beating out the Unsolved Mysteries and X-Files intros as "Most Mentally Scarring Credit Sequence of All Time."

2. This book of spooky stories.

Terrifying every mortal soul at the Scholastic Book Fair since 1984.
Jay Brown / CC BY-ND http://2.0 /

Terrifying every mortal soul at the Scholastic Book Fair since 1984.

3. This demonic Disney scene.


Further proof that Walt Disney profited off children's tears just as much as their smiles.

4. This devilish dummy.


Do you think R.L. Stine ever lies away wondering about all the child psychology bills he's racked up by proxy?

5. This malevolent moon.


Oh please, Nintendo -- do add "The Moon" to our list of Completely Reasonable Fears.

6. This terrifying tunnel trip.


Or: one of the many reasons not to trust an eccentric madman who lives alone in a candy factory.

7. This creepy crypt-keeper.

Tales From The Crypt was like your dad's Goosebumps, but with a disappointing surplus of Dennis Miller.

8. This diabolical doll.


Miraculously, every toddler in 1988 suddenly outgrew playing with dolls. Funny, that.

9. This malicious mummy.


Ha, and you thought you weren't scared of mummies. Think again.

10. And clowns. / Via

So. Many. Clowns.

We never forget our first fright.

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Don't miss the blood-curdling chills of Mama, NOW PLAYING in theaters everywhere.