This Video Shows What Would Happen If Hocus Pocus Happened Today

The Sanderson Sisters come back to eat children's souls and become very interested in the Internet.

mamacas • 3 years ago

This Week's News According To A Basic Girl

China, Iran's nuclear program, and of course-- Taylor Swift are covered in this hilarious "news" video.

mamacas • 4 years ago

This Is What A Blind Date With A Female Marvel Hero Would Look Like

Mystique (X-Men), Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy), and Miss Marvel (The Avengers comic book series), go on "" dates with some unsuspecting guys...

mamacas • 4 years ago

Meet The Funniest Girls On YouTube: Awkward Kids

They rap, dress up as your favorite characters, and generally kick ass.

mamacas • 5 years ago