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9 Surprising Hacks

You can hack what?! Apparently more than you think!

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1. Toilets

Be careful next time you decide to use a fancy Japanese Satis toilet. Every Satis has the same hard-coded Bluetooth PIN, which means that any person using the 'My Satis' Android app can cause any Satis toilet to repeatedly flush, unexpectedly open/close the lid, or active the bidet or air-dry functions, causing discomfort and some major awkwardness for the user.

3. License Plates

Solar powered, digital license plates, sound cool right? Even cooler when the DMV can flash "STOLEN" across the plate so cops can nab the jerk that stole your car.

But what if you’re out for a Sunday drive and all of a sudden your license plate matches the plate that was seen abducting a child? Not so cool when you’re being put into handcuffs.

4. Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are practical when parents use them to watch their adorable sleeping babies, but the more computerized and wireless dependent they become, the easier they are to hack. One Houston couple woke up to a strange man screaming profanities through the monitor at their sleeping daughter.

5. Computer Webcams and Microphones

It's funny to tape your friends dancing or singing by themselves when they think no one is watching, but what if someone could do that through your personal computer devices?

Via Google

Nowadays, hackers can remotely access computers to control the webcam and microphone to see and listen to everything you do. It’s enough to make you think twice about perusing the morning’s news online while getting dressed for work.

6. Voting Machines

Just get someone with a hidden agenda, a lot of money and a network of hackers, and you can completely change the legislative system of the United States.

7. Modern Cars

As detailed in a Forbes article, hackers were able to jerk the steering wheel, slam on the brakes, and lock up the seatbelt of a Prius. It seemed pretty harmless during the 5mph demonstration, but imagine having that done while going 65mph on a freeway.

8. Implanted Medical Devices

Know someone with an insulin pump or pacemaker? Reverse engineer the wireless network and you can easily throw off someone's insulin levels or heart rhythm.

9. Nuclear Power Plants

In 2010, the Stuxnet computer worm targeted a uranium enrichment facility in Iran with the hopes of destroying its centrifuges.

We were targeting the plant for a good cause, imagine someone who wasn't.

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