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    5 Must Read Books On Friendship- Don't Miss Them !

    The famous trioka of Harry, Hermoine, Ron in Harry Potter and the bromance of Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry from LOTR is the stuff of legends. Apart from these, we bring you five more books that are all about us and our friends. From different time periods, countries and settings, these are handpicked, sweeping tales on the spirit of friendship that must be read- many you may not have even heard about.

    1. The Kite Runner

    2. The Tree with a Thousand Apples

    3. Of Mice and Men

    4. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

    5. The Help

    Go grab them if you haven't read them yet. We are sure you will miss your besties when you do so and even be inspired to do something incredible together. Thank us later !