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    17 Movie Endings That Will Always Leave You In Tears

    “Even thinking about it now is making me well up.” —u/Itchy-Scheme

    Some films never fail to tug at your heartstrings, even if you’ve watched them a thousand times.

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    When redditor u/despresso30 asked, “What is a movie ending that makes you cry, no matter how many times you've watched it before?” it shined a spotlight on the movie endings that get people teary-eyed every time they watch it.

    1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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    “I saw this one for the first time after a bad breakup. I cried for hours after the credits ended. I remember just laying there in the darkness of the room, with tears streaming down my face, wishing I could erase my memory too.”  


    2. Monsters, Inc.

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    "That final shot of Monsters, Inc. will always make me tear up. When Sulley pokes his head in and we hear Boo say "Kitty!" that's just such a great ending.” 


    3. Steel Magnolias

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    "I lost my daughter. Watching Sally Field verbalize my thoughts was such a big help. I watch this movie every year on baby girl's anniversary because it's been 13 years and I need somebody who understands why I still cry." 


    4. My Girl

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    "'He can’t see without his glasses'... And I sob.” 


    5. The Land Before Time

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    "Even now as an adult, the scene where he thinks he sees her but it's just his shadow and the narrator says,Then Little Foot knew for certain he was alone." It still gets to me every single time." 


    6. A Dog's Purpose

    “Any of those 'the dog dies' movies have me crying. Husband and I decide to watch A Dog's Purpose, not realizing he would die for the first of many times like two minutes in!!!” 


    7. Your Name

    “Anime fan or not, everyone should watch Your Name once in their life. It's a storytelling masterpiece.” 


    8. Requiem for a Dream

    “When the two old ladies are crying on the park bench, I come undone.” 


    9. Armageddon

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    “Harry Stamper trading his life for the life and happiness of his daughter gets me in the feels every time.” 


    10. Home Alone

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    “The scene where the old man greets his son and picks up his granddaughter for a great big hug. The expression of joy and contentment on his face is just beautiful. And then the little look he shares with Kevin. Wonderful.” 



    11. Edward Scissorhands

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    “The ending of Edward Scissorhands always makes me cry because he ends up alone” 


    12. Big Hero 6

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    Big Hero 6 is, strangely enough, the only movie that’s ever made me cry.” 


    13. Moana

    “When she restores the heart of Te Fiti. I cry every time.” 


    14. The Grand Budapest Hotel

    “The revelation that their shared happiness was short lived, the reminder that happy endings don’t always last, and that the old world the hotel represented had already long vanished in the darkness of war." 


    15. Dumbo

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    “Even thinking about it now is making me well up.” 


    16. A League of Their Own

    “When the sisters get back together at the end of A League of Their Own, something about it just always gets me in the feels...” 


    17. And finally, Coco

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     “Coco! Every single time.” 


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