21 Films To Watch On Netflix If You're A Dog Lover

    Dog lover? Then you need to watch these films!

    Love watching films about dogs, but feel like you’ve seen tearjerkers like Marley & Me and Old Yeller a few too many times? Here's a list of the best dog movies on Netflix.

    1. Pets United

    A puppy on a leash sits in between its owner legs looking off to its left side

    2. Hotel for Dogs

    A brown poodle enjoys itself as it licks a dog-safe cake

    3. Benji

    A brown pup poses majestically in the grass on a sunny day

    4. All Dogs Go to Heaven

    A red Shiba Inu playing with its owner at the summer park

    5. June & Kopi

    6. The Healing Powers of Dude

    A young woman cuddles with her miniature pinscher dog

    7. White Fang

    An Asiatic wild dog is running in nature

    8. To Be of Service

    A medical detection dachshund is seen training

    9. Patrick

    10. The Secret Life of Pets 2

    11. K-9

    A drug detection dog waits patiently as it has its protection vest put on it

    12. Arctic Dogs

    A white golden retriever plays with a young child in the grass

    13. Pick of the Litter

    A litter of mastiff puppies looking at the camera

    14. Wasao

    A black-and-white pup with a blue leash on it lies on the grass inbetween someone's legs

    15. Life in the Doghouse

    A search and rescue dog has its paws up against the grill of a door

    16. Pup Star

    17. Pup Star: Better 2Gether

    Three puppies posing for the camera

    18. Pup Star: World Tour

    A  brown poodle is sitting by a woman's legs with its tongue out

    19. Puppy Star Christmas

    A border collie is playing with a tennis ball in the grass

    20. Dogs

    Two cute puppies, one black and another white, are playing together

    21. Beethoven

    A black stray dog is seen walking in the rain