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    • maloryd

      To the Caucasian Americans who are complaining, you have missed the point of the HBCU series. So many of you guys have complaining about not knowing what an HBCU is so the series is there to explain what they are and why they exist! Slaves were NOT, I repeat NOT, allowed to go to “public” universities. As a result private organizations, mostly churches, created black colleges and universities so that people of color could get an education so they could take care of themselves and possibly avoid being share cropers and maids for the rest of the lives. The U.S. only started desgregating schools in the last 40 years and you saw how dangerous that was when it happened. So why do you expect institutions that have been around for decades to disappear now that you’re uncomfortable with its existence? So POC can now go to PWI and be accused of not deserving to be there because of affirmative action! These schools bring hope to children that they can get an education become a success without threat and intimidation or challenge to their intelligence.  Also, there are white students at HBCU’s are not exclusive to black students and it never was.

    • maloryd

      People keep talking about Jonathan Butler money as if it stops people from being racist against him. You guys gloat about the alleged minority children you help but never got a second think about the world that is waiting for them when they grow up. Let’s say those alleged kids you help make it to college, do they now have to endure being called ‘nigger’ when they walk to class? Do now have to fear school police officers and officials who will do nothing to protect them? The fact that Jonathan Butler had money didn’t and still doesn’t matter to those who will discriminate against him. Get off your high horse and for once step into someone else’s shoes. What the students at these colleges are fighting for are the right to be treated human so they too can have the college experience, because the last time I checked being called ‘nigger’ and feces swastikas were not mentioned in the brochure.

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