Dating In Movies Vs. In Real Life

Because Sixpence None The Richer hardly ever plays in the background as you walk down the stairs.

1. In movies: What a romantic date!

Disney / Via

2. IRL: What a romantic date!

Comedy Central / Via

3. In movies: It’s love at first sight.

20th Century Fox / Via

4. IRL: It’s sorta-kinda-like at first Tinder. Or second Tinder. Or third. Or eightieth.

5. In movies: Dinners are so romantic.

Disney / Via

6. IRL: Dinners are so utilitarian.

Nothing says “let’s get serious” like a romantic ramen-out-of-the-beard date.

7. In movies: Courtship is normal. Hell, it’s expected.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

8. IRL: Why did you show up at my house with flowers?!!? SHOULD I CALL THE POLICE?!!!

Paramount Pictures / Via

9. In movies: Thank you for the chivalry.

Columbia Pictures / Via

10. IRL: Thank you for wearing pants.

AMC / Via

11. In movies: Love is professed!

Universal Pictures / Via

12. IRL: We are all emotionally constipated.


Holding it all in. All of those feelings. Awkward.

13. In movies: Kissing in the rain is romantic!

Columbia Pictures / Via

14. IRL: It’s cold. It’s wet. Let’s go home. I hate you until I’m dry again.

15. In movies: This.

Miramax / Via

16. IRL: This.

17. In movies: There’s a beautiful apology speech when someone screws up.

Universal Pictures / Via

Okay! You’re forgiven!

18. IRL: There’s a text that says “k sry.”

Telepictures / Via


19. In movies: You can cry to a beautiful soundtrack.

20. IRL: You can cry to the sound of your own tears.

Comedy Central / Via

21. In movies: Things are so beautiful, you cry.

ABC / Via

22. IRL: Things are so beautiful, you vom.

23. In movies: There’s always a post break-up ice cream binge.

NBC / Via

24. IRL: There’s a pre break-up ice cream binge. A non break-up ice cream binge. A post break-up ice cream binge. Basically, you don’t need an excuse for eating ice cream.

Sigma III, Corp. / Via

Or any food, for that matter.

25. In fact, IRL, food is the ultimate significant other.

It will never let go, Jack. It will never let go.

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