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Sean Spicer Is A Human-Sized Wad Of Rancid Gum

He's the result of swallowing 2.5 packs a day.

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He adheres to things easily.

Congressional Quarterly / CQ-Roll Call,Inc. / Via

Spicer defends Trump's claims that millions of illegal immigrants voted in this election. There's no proof but he's sticking to it!

He's harmful if swallowed.

Salon / Via

Spicer's rhetoric is often unfounded and illogical (there's no way Trump had more inaugural attendees than Obama). His words are difficult, even impossible to digest.

He loses taste after awhile.

ABC News / Via

Spicer's quick temper and aversion towards the truth threatens the First Amendment right to freedom of the press. Anger and lies lack flavor!

He's not an individual.

Fox News / Via

Sean Spicer looks and acts like most other Republican white men--enablers of racism, sexism, and a host of other bigoted acts. This Press Secretary blends in with other hate-mongers, just like a piece of cinnamon-flavored Orbit gum.

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