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35 Awesome Handmade Things You Can Find On Amazon

They *really do* have everything.

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

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You already know that you can find books, gadgets, makeup, and even food on Amazon—but did you know you can find handmade things?

It's true! And you'll find them all in the ever-so-creatively named Amazon Handmade section. Here's a collection of some of the coolest creations available there right now...

1. A personalized monogram print that'll add some sparkle to any wall.

Yeah, it's probably *meant* for nurseries.... but we won't stop you from ordering one for your adult bedroom.

Get it from Digibuddha for $10.

2. Some dice that turn making a drink into a game.

Roll them to see what you should whip up in your cocktail shaker.

Get them from Two Tumblewoods for $24.

3. A sweet keychain to give to someone you love who lives in another part of the country.

Get it from CMKreations for $22.

4. And a skillet in the shape of your favorite state.

Get it from American Skillet Company for $140.

5. Vibrant outdoor planters you can hang on a balcony railing.

Get them from Liz Pulver Design for $19.

6. A candle to help you pretend that you're in a bookstore when you're ~actually~ folding laundry on your bedroom floor.

A girl (or boy) can dream.

Get it from Frostbeard Studio for $18.

7. The perfect pillow for adding some color to your couch.

Get it from Leah Duncan for $20.

8. A dainty gold necklace with a petite pachyderm charm.

You can get the elephant printed with a letter or leave it blank.

Get it from i1it for $18.99 (with free shipping).

9. A caddy that will make taking a bath even better.

Top it with a book and a cup of coffee (or wine) and you're good to go. For hours. Until you fully resemble a prune.

Get it from Whisky Ginger for $148.

10. Coasters printed with mistaken lyrics from '90s songs.

🎵 Let's pee in the corner.... let's pee in the spotlight..... 🎵

Get them from Bright Beam Goods for $25.

11. A book for people who want their coloring breaks to be rated R instead of G.

Get it from Artwork By Kevin for $7.99 (with free shipping).

12. A print you'll just LOVE gazing at each day.

Get it from Honey & Bloom for $35.

13. A bookmark to use when you reread the Harry Potter books for the ten thousandth time.

Get it from myBOOKmark for $25 (with free shipping).

14. A pair of pillowcases to wish you goodnight.

Get them from Urban Bird and Co. for $28.

15. A set of classic notebooks to fill up with notes and doodles.

Get them from Write Notepads & Co. for $9.99.

16. A cutting board you can have engraved with names and a wedding anniversary date.

As far as wood-options go, you can choose from bamboo, cherry, maple, and sapele.

Get it from Bloxstyle for $35 (with free shipping).

17. A stunning pair of chandelier earrings.

Dangly earrings forever, stud earrings never.

Get them from Fail for $98.

18. A set of napkins that will make you say "EIEIO."

Old Macdonald would definitely want these in his kitchen.

Get them from Heaps Handworks for $39.

19. And a very cheesy tea towel.

Get it from The Neighborgoods for $18.

20. A bronze ring showcasing a carnelian stone you won't be able to stop staring at.

Just look at that thing. It could be enchanted for all we know.

Get it from Break A Stone Jewelry for $69.

21. A mug for people who love weed as much as they love coffee.

Get it from Smokey the Potter for $45.

22. Reusable decals that will make your walls look like they're covered in confetti.

Get them from Petit Collage for $24.

23. A wooden catch all system to keep your keys, phone, wallet, and watch organized.

Get it from Jigsaw Furnishings for $35 (with free shipping).

24. Or or a more elaborate coat rack organizer.

There's even a spot for a succulent (as there should be)!

Get it from Midnight Woodworks for $140.

25. Earrings for anyone whose hands always smell a bit briny.

If you own a pickle fork.... you need these (you also need to check out this post).

Get them from Rachel O's for $7.50.

26. A delicate necklace featuring an itty bitty muffin pan and teeny tiny measuring spoons.

You'll be the envy of all baker mice.

Get it from Penelope's Porch for $22.

27. An alpaca push toy that all cool babies will appreciate.

Uncool babies will probably like it too.

Get it from Manny and Simon for $29.

28. Personalized plates that are almost *TOO* adorable.

Get them from Sea Urchin Studio for $22 (with free shipping).

29. A wooden notebook featuring the best fruit on the face of this fruit-covered earth.

Get it from Cardtorial for $29 (with free shipping).

30. A cake stand that's actually worthy of holding cake.

A plastic one just doesn't deserve to be topped with the queen of baked goods.

Get it from AHeirloom for $74.

31. A pinot noir candle housed in a container made from an old wine bottle.

Light it in your boudoir or midsize car.

Get it from Rescued Wine Candles for $28.

32. Prints for everyone who dreamed of being on Legends of the Hidden Temple.

You can choose to get a print featuring the mascots from *all* of the teams.... or just your favorite one.

Get them from The Tattered Traveler for $10.

33. Pint glasses you'll want to get your tentacles on ASAP.

Get them from Crawlspace Studios for $22.

34. A gorgeous ring that's made to resemble a coral reef.

Get it from Arosha for $275.

35. And a (totally un-) foreboding sign to hang near the front door of your house.

Get it from BT Livermore for $15.