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What's Your Secret Trick For Finding An Awesome Apartment?

Tell us your ~secret trick~ for finding an awesome place to live.

Looking for an apartment can be a nightmare.

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You're hoping to find something like this:

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But end up finding something like this instead:

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It's a stressful process and you need all the help you can get—that's why we want to know your tips and tricks for finding a place to live that doesn't suck.

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Maybe it's a special keyword you use to cut through the crap on Craigslist.

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It could be a few ~warning signs~ you always watch for when checking out an apartment.

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Or a lesson that you learned the hard way.


You've been burned in the past, but you know better now.

Whatever kind of advice you've got, we want to hear it!

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So leave a comment and tell us: what’s your best apartment hunting tip?

We’ll feature the best suggestions in a future BuzzFeed post.