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31 Adorable Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

These things are as useful as they are cute.

1. A set of clothespins masquerading as a circus troupe.

2. An adorable robot to clean your floors.

Price: $37

3. An alarm clock to wake you with the sound of chirping.

4. An R2D2 screwdriver to help you repair things around the house.

Price: $9.99

5. A cloud that rains cheese instead of water.

6. And a cloud to help you chop vegetables.

7. A dog who loves to measure.

8. A penguin who will sanitize your toothbrush.

9. A whale who transforms into a comfy travel pillow.

10. A zoological Swiss Army knife.

Price: $26.89

11. An extremely tall alpaca to help you measure baking ingredients.

12. And a bouquet of measuring spoons.

13. A tiger who's totally cool with you drying your feet off on his fur after you get out of the tub.

14. A gadget that makes waffles shaped like Peanuts characters.

15. A unicorn who dispenses sprinkles.

16. Little critters to keep your keyboard clean.

Price: $5

17. A petite lamp to help you read at night.

18. A sweet babushka to infuse your tea.

19. Skewers for pirates or fairies who like to eat toasted marshmallows.

Price: $7

20. A Dalmatian who loves to staple things.

21. A merry little dude to keep your bottles stoppered.

Price: $10.50

22. A dignified elephant to dispense a cup of tea.

23. A sharpener that turns a pencil into an ice pop.

24. Edamame-shaped bottle cleaners.

Price: $12

25. A mixtape to keep your desk organized.

26. A teeny city to erase your mistakes.

Price: $9.99

27. A hedgehog who'll sweep up your crumbs.

28. A miniature water tower to keep your plants alive.

29. A heart to help you listen to music (or watch a video) with a friend.

30. A butter-dish ship with a built-in spreader.

Price: $33

31. And a hedgehog who will happily hold your toothpicks.